Battle against sex trafficking turns to prostitution review sites

Last year, Luke Hillman began meeting with a group of sex buyers. They were guys he met online.

“Looking at them in a bar, you would have no idea,” Hillman said. ”They’re just normal guys.”

The men worked for some of the region’s most prominent employers: Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon. One was a radiologist. Another was a dentist.

During their meetups in local bars, the men would discuss their “hobby” — hiring Korean prostitutes.

“I remember sitting there the first time, and I was just like ... looking around, praying that nobody would see me sitting with these guys and would hear what they were saying,” Hillman said.

The men didn’t know that Hillman, the man they had invited into their elite circle, was actually an undercover detective.

Law enforcement is beginning to take notice of so-called “John boards” — review sites where customers rate prostitutes. The men busted in this Seattle group earlier this year exposed a secretive world where online sex buyers are treading on a whole new level of criminal behavior.

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