Local sex trafficking victim hopes to help others

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Marion resident Kristina Glackin was 18 years old and living alone in Las Vegas when her life changed forever. A guy who befriended the vulnerable teen with a troubled past at a mall forced her into sex trafficking.

She says, “He pulled out a gun and explained to me that he would give me all of my stuff back, if I just agreed to his plan for one night. He wanted me to sell myself, because he said he needed to get 400 dollars."

She became stuck inside of a hotel for seven days selling her body fearing for her life. The now 28 year old struggled to fight back tears as she thought about her cries for help being ignored.

She says, “I would start to tell these men what was happening, and that [the john was] sitting in my car outside, and I would ask them if I could just call my mom. They thought it was a sting. They thought they were going to get in trouble, nobody would help me."

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