Survivor of human trafficking urges Connecticut students, law enforcement to fight human trafficking

WEST HAVEN >> Timea Nagy lived in a hotel room in Canada for three months, forced to entertain 10 to 15 customers every day, while hoping someone would break down the door and rescue her.

Years later when she told her story to a group of police officers in Ontario, one of the officers started to cry. He remembered her.

“I know you’re telling the truth because I wondered about you girls,” he said to Nagy after her presentation, adding that he felt guilty for not recognizing signs of their plight while undercover looking for drug activity at the hotel. Nagy had said there were 137 girls working in that hotel. Nagy told him it wouldn’t do any good to dwell on what he “could’ve, should’ve or would’ve done.”

“I would never change what happened because of what I do today,” she said.

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