5 LA pimps who turned teens into prostitutes are going to prison


LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Police Department says its investigations have led to the convictions of five Los Angeles men who tried to commercially exploit women and teenage girls as young as 13 as prostitutes.

Four of the five men convicted were self-identified gang members, and most of them used the Western Avenue and Figueroa Street corridor for sex trafficking, police said. These investigations took place over the last year and-a-half.

The men are 24-year-old Ulis Morris, 41-year-old Raylonzo Roberts, 27- year-old Christian Wheeler, 38-year-old Rodney Saxton and 38-year-old Benjamin Pennington.

Morris was found guilty of three counts of human trafficking of minors at trial in a Los Angeles Superior Court and was sentenced to 21 years and four months in state prison.

Roberts was found guilty of two counts of human trafficking of minors at trial and was sentenced to 16 years in state prison.

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