Truckers Against Trafficking helps Utah truckers spot victims on the road

ST. GEORGE — A recent training conference conducted by Truckers Against Trafficking brought together the state Attorney General’s Office and the Utah Trucking Association to discuss best practices in successfully detecting and investigating human trafficking crimes with the help of the the trucking industry.

“Trafficking has been recorded in all 50 states in a variety of venues,” Truckers Against Trafficking Coalition Build Specialist Esther Goetsch said. “So, everywhere from hotels and motels, casinos, parking lots, truck stops to business fronts.”

Truckers Against Trafficking has partnered with every state trucking association in the country in order to educate truckers and truck stop workers about human trafficking.

“The unique thing about drivers is that they are everywhere at all hours of the day and night and that’s why they’re such critical folks to be trained to recognize these signs,” Goetsch said.

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