In a first, Northeast Indian drivers to become whistle blowers against human trafficking!

Human trafficking is a menace that is not an easy phenomena to tackle. It is the process of recruiting and selling as well as buying and receiving people for the purpose of exploitation which could be in the form of physically demanding labour, housemaids or workers in fields or others, especially the girl child and young women who are often forced in brothels. It comes in various facets and hence, due to its multiple layers, it is sometimes difficult to be identified by the concerned authorities and various stake holders.

Tourism, or in simple words, the inflow of people from different parts of the world is an important aspect of trafficking source. Hence, it becomes important to tap the source of the menace. In a one of a kind initiative, a Sikkim start up called Ne Taxi initiated by Rewaj Chettri and Impulse NGO Network under the Impulse Model (An NGO that counters human trafficking), based in Meghalaya are collaborating to initiate a safe and sound tourism environment and also to check human trafficking in and around the region.

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