Four Sex Trafficking Victims Sue Hotel for Doing Nothing to Help Them

In 2014, a woman was kidnapped off the street, injected with heroin, and forced to have sex with men for money out of a hotel in Salisbury, Maryland. According to a local affiliate of the USA Today Network, the woman managed to access the internet while her captors slept, and she wrote a message to her boyfriend through Facebook. From there, she was rescued by police, and the men who abducted her were arrested, uncovering a gruesome human trafficking operation.

Now, three years later, four different women who were held captive have filed a lawsuit against the hotel where they were trafficked. Though the ring apparently operated out of numerous hotels, the America's Best Value Inn was allegedly the primary location. The four victims have alleged that the hotel should have known what was happening, and that hotel staff should have done something to save the women.

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