TAT in Action!

TAT in ACTION!!!!!

James* called the NHTRC hotline one evening after being approached by a teenage girl who was going door to door at a truck stop. The girl told James that she was trying to make money to travel back home, and asked if there was anything she could do for him. James had recently learned about human trafficking from a Truckers Against Trafficking video he had watched and believed the girl was a potential victim. After leaving his truck door, James saw the girl knock on a few more trucks before walking across the street, where she got into a parked car with a waiting driver. James called the NHTRC and provided a description of the girl, information about his interaction with her and as much information as he had about the vehicle. The NHTRC immediately reported the situation to law enforcement and an investigation was opened.

The disclaimer we usually include with the asterisk: *Names, locations, and other identifying information have been changed and/or omitted to preserve the confidentiality of the people we serve.