Elkhart County finding shelter for homeless teens

SOOO important since so many homeless youth are exploited by traffickers and pedophiles who use these kids and exploit their vulnerabilities.

"Teens will soon have an emergency care facility in Elkhart County to help get them off the streets and into a warm bed.

It's designed to deal with the growing problem of homeless teens. Most homeless shelters are for people 18 and older.

But thanks to generous donations, Bashor Children's Home raised more than $100,000 for an emergency care facility for 10-18 year olds.

"According to the Departments of Education last year, they had 167 homeless teens reported,” said John Shafer of Michiana Five for the Homeless. “Elkhart had 207, so it definitely showed Bashor was on track by seeing the need and opening this facility and we could not be happier."

Teens will be able to stay from a few hours up to 21 days."

To read more: http://m.wsbt.com/news/Elkhart-County-finding-shelter-for-homeless-teens/38645310