San Jose art exhibit “Peep” highlights human trafficking issue

Small circular viewing holes expose the faces of hundreds of children, each symbolizing a stolen childhood. The art piece, “Peep,” sheds light on the shadowy human trafficking industry in peep show style. But, unlike a normal peep show, the exhibit exposes the horrors people face when trafficked. Created by Bay Area artist Jonathan Fung, “Peep” draws attention to the often overlooked issue through bright jumbo pink letters spray painted on the side of a large metal shipping container. The container is a metaphor for the commodification of human beings, according to a panel on the side of the exhibit. “Seeing all of the faces of those kids and knowing that so many like them are enslaved, it’s not a good feeling,” said Patrick Johnson, 21, Santa Clara University student. “I’m disgusted that people have to go through this in our modern world.” The rows of sewing machines lining the other side of the exhibit evoke the image of countless hours of soul crushing labor.

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