Fort Bend man sentenced to 40 years for human trafficking

Raymond Mark Gonzales was sentenced to 40 years in prison March 18 by a 268th District Court jury after they convicted him of Trafficking of Persons for Prostitution. The 45-year-old Rosenberg man was charged after an investigation by the Rosenberg Police Department.
According to Assistant District Attorney Robert Clopton, Gonzales met his victim in late 2012 and moved in with her – telling her that he loved her and was going to marry her. The defendant’s family members began spending a lot of time at the woman’s apartment, which also caused her electric bill to spiral out of control. Due to the number of people at the apartment and her inability to pay the rising electric bill, the woman was evicted.
Gonzales’s family then drove his victim to an apartment in Houston, and a few months later, to a hotel in Rosenberg. While staying at the hotel in Rosenberg, the defendant began forcing the woman to prostitute herself. When she refused, the defendant would beat her. During this time, the woman would have little contact with her family. She feared calling the police or seeking help because Gonzales threatened to burn down her house and kill her family.

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