Hackers Backing Up the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Photo purchased from iStock at Getty Images  

Photo purchased from iStock at Getty Images  

Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry with only $124 million appropriated globally in the fight against it. This billion-dollar industry adapts, innovates and is not scant of resources to fuel the sale of a human being. Unfortunately, non-profits and government institutions are not innovating and face major obstacles such as:

1. Lack of data about the magnitude of the issue and in most cases not addressing the root cause. Just look at mental health alone, there are limited studies on the effectiveness of mental health services for survivors of sex-trafficking because of data gaps.

2. Lack of collaboration at the programmatic level. When you have organizations competing for limited funding, they often take the adversarial position as opposed to working together to better serve the constituent. In rare cases when they do work together on programs, it can be administratively taxing because many organizations do not have adequate staffing on the ground to implement new partnerships at greater level of impact.

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