Student: Sex-trafficking survivor's story is 'eye-opening'

(Photo: Jordan Kartholl/The Star Press)

(Photo: Jordan Kartholl/The Star Press)

MUNCIE — Long before Lexie Smith knew the term "human trafficking," she lived it.

At 10 years old, she met a boy, a junior in high school at the time, who lived two doors down from her grandmother in the suburbs of Chicago. He got to know her, then slowly started to manipulate her. She had already been sexually abused by her young cousins and was vulnerable.

He started selling her to his friends, then more people in the community.

Smith would see cars pull up in front of the boy's house and would pretend to be taking a bike ride around the neighborhood. She'd only be gone about half an hour.

"Nobody had any idea what was going on two doors down," she said.

He threatened to do the same thing to her 6-year-old sister if she told anyone.

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