The New York Times had a very biased and one-sided article come out this week that caused an uproar and further divided the growing chasm between the Sex Workers (who are pro-legalization of prostitution) and anti-trafficking advocates worldwide.

In reading the article and the myriad of its supporters comments, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a well-meaning, nice man on an airplane a while back. He said he thought prostitution should be legal. He said he had visited the red light district and all of the girls were smiling. It hit me. This is my market, this is our market! This is the reason I am making a TV show. Because there is a group of people out there who have been deceived by our media, a group of people who are not coming to our conferences or attending our events, they’re not reading our books or watching documentaries on trafficking. They are normal Americans who are not engaged in this specific social justice issue.

You may have even found yourself amongst a similar crowd. So how do we rebuttal those claims and help people to see the dangers of legalizing prostitution? Here are a few myths I’d like to personally debunk:

1. Prostitution is the oldest profession.

False: Prostitution is the oldest form of OPPRESSION. Big difference. You know what are the oldest professions? Farming and agriculture. But, Rape, Forced Marriage, and Prostitution - those are the oldest forms of oppression and entitled violence. Two big differences.

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