Human Trafficking In The Coachella Valley: Survivor of Human Trafficking Hopes Her Story Creates Change

These days Amy Andrews counts her blessings but she takes it day by day.

"Yesterday was a good day, yesterday I was free," says Andrews.

But she says that at the age of 13 two men lured her into their car on Palm Canyon Drive in Downtown Palm Springs. They told her they'd take her to a party, instead they took her to a home in Los Angeles where she lived the most horrifying moments of her life.

"Turned out they call it, gang raped and forced into the life of a child that was prostituted," adding they didn't immediately sell her for sex. She says they put her through what she calls a 'process', "It's called breaking a girl ... it's kind of like boot camp where you desensitize an individual and you break their will ... they use different techniques like starvation and sleep deprivation and rape and physical abuse, mental abuse, torture and they'll do it for however long they feel they need to do that in order to get compliance from an individual."

She says from there she got away but fell into the hands of another man with the same intentions, "I ended up being picked up by another trafficker who was also a part of that ring and he took me to Las Vegas so and i was able to get away there and it was a good thing."

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