The Girlfriend Experience: Selling Prostitution on TV

Christine is living the good life in TV show The Girlfriend Experience. She gets paid tons of money, goes on dates on yachts, and apparently suffers little to no emotional or physical trauma from her “sex work”.

Prostitution survivor Autumn Burris disagrees with this depiction of prostitution. “I did high-end, I did low-end, I did all points in between, and it is all the same. It doesn’t look like that,” she says in response to The Girlfriend Experience.
The Girlfriend Experience repeatedly emphasizes that glamour, money, and success are easily attained through selling sex.

In the show, Christine gets 30 percent of the money while under her pimp, but she quickly moves to freelance where she is depicted as receiving 100 percent of the money from the trade.

“Most women involved in high-paid, high-clientele absolutely have a trafficker that is taking 100% of their money,” says prostitution survivor Rebecca Bender in Demand Abolition’s response.

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