Sex-trafficking survivor helps others identify victims

That summer between 8th and 9th grade, Holly Gibbs met a man at a local mall. She was shy and insecure. He was kind and complimentary.

“He said I was pretty enough to be a model,” Gibbs said. “He said things that made me feel really good about myself.”

Two weeks of words and promises were enough for Gibbs to be swayed into leaving her South Jersey home with him. But within a couple of hours of running away, Gibbs was forced into prostitution in the casinos of Atlantic City. She was 14.

It can happen in a flash. A teenager from a bad home or a little bit of insecurity meets a man who says he’ll always love her, care for, give her all she needs. Days later, she’s working on the circuit, on the well-known prostitution tracks of Fresno, Los Angeles, Compton, Anaheim, and the city of San Bernardino, another victim of sex trafficking.

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