Ministries Unite to Shatter the Travesty of Sex Trafficking

She wasn't kidnapped. She followed her heart.

Rebecca Bender was far from the average sex trafficking victim. She didn't grow up in foster care and was never an at-risk youth. In fact, she was a varsity athlete and boasted honor roll achievements in high school.

Likewise, her boyfriend seemed like an American-pie sort of guy. Bender met Sam (not his real name) after she moved to Oregon with her baby and a few friends. He was 24; she was 18.

"He was just gregarious and the one who everyone wanted to be his friend," Bender told Charisma. "All the girls wanted to be his, but he took an interest in me."

This "gregarious" boyfriend packed up Bender and her daughter, and the three moved to Las Vegas in 2000. Soon, Sam coerced her into selling sexual favors for his personal profit. Her boyfriend became her sex trafficker.

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