Norman bed and breakfast under investigation for human trafficking

The owners of a Norman bed and breakfast are accused of having an indentured servant from Cambodia.

An application for a search warrant filed in federal court shows an investigation into forced labor and human trafficking began June 1 into Rany Kchao and Thavory Kchao, owners of Whispering Pines Inn and Bed and Breakfast.

A former employee of the bed and breakfast told authorities that the Kchaos are from Cambodia and approximately two years ago a woman came from Cambodia to work for the couple at the inn. An investigation shows that the Kchaos sponsored the woman's immigration petition and made her sign a $8,000 promissory note.

The Kchaos allegedly told the woman it would take her three years to work off the money. A Department of Labor investigator shows that based on minimum wage the woman should have made $80,000 for the work she performed over three years.

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