Church women combat human trafficking by sewing

DELPHOS — Members of the Wesleyan Church Hearts for Christ Women’s Ministry met Tuesday night to sew dresses to help combat human trafficking. They’re making dresses for the organization Dress a Girl Around the World.
Patty Gengler, a member of the ministry, helped find patterns for the dresses and organize the event. She says they decided to participate when they went to the district women’s retreat and met other women who were sewing these dresses.

The simple dresses are made from T-shirts, pillowcases and scraps of material that are donated. Some dresses are sleeveless and others are made with T-shirts so the longer sleeves allow girls in countries with more conservative dressing guidelines to wear them.

Each dress has a tag sewn onto it that says the organization’s name. According to Dress a Girl Around the World, the purple tag can discourage predators by showing the girl is under the care of an organization.

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