Can public shaming end sex trafficking?

(Photo: Andy Manis/AP)

(Photo: Andy Manis/AP)

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel has a message for men who buy sex.

"This is a shameful, dirty secret that they hope to keep," he said, "… resulting in children that are being subjected to sex trafficking, adults being trapped in slavery.

"That's not a secret we intend to let them keep."

Schimel has been researching ways other communities hold the buyers of sex, also known as "johns," publicly accountable.

So-called "john-shaming" isn't a new concept. Cities have shamed for years, but to varying results. With the internet, it's a little easier now to put names and faces out there, like Dayton, Ohio's lists of names, or Minneapolis' mugshots. Communities are making already public records a little easier to find, and shifting the focus from the women to the men they say create the demand.

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