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West Columbia, SC State officials dealt with more than 100 victims of human trafficking last year and are asking law enforcement agencies to keep an eye out for potential cases to help address the issue.

Members of the Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Task Force are also asking officers provide 2014 and 2015 cases of prostitution, sexual exploitation of a child and other similar crimes for the task force to comb through in hopes of identifying potential cases of human trafficking.

The effort would ideally allow the task force to compile data for those two years in hopes of identifying trends and areas they should target. In 2015, about a dozen participating task force agencies reported helping 155 victims, though officials warn about 20 or so could be duplicate cases.

“I do feel like people don’t realize human trafficking is happening here in South Carolina,” said Marie Sazehn, an assistant South Carolina Attorney General. “As people learn to track this problem, we learn to identify it, and we learn to better work with it.”

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