Survivor's Ink


Branding, burning and scarring are all marks purposely left by traffickers and abusers on the bodies of their victims to remind them that they’re “property,” owned by someone other than themselves. Brandings propagate psychological enslavement for survivors, serving as constant reminders of the violence they’ve suffered. 

Jennifer Kempton, founder and director of Survivor’s Ink, joined TAT on the Dave Nemo Show, Sirius XM Radio, on May 10 to discuss branding and what her organization does to reverse the hold those marks have on victims. Survivor’s Ink works to empower survivors to break those psychological chains by reclaiming their bodies through the beautification, removal or covering of their physical scars, markings and brandings. This de-branding experience enables the victim, now a survivor, to reclaim his or her body and stand up against the trafficker.

Kempton’s website says, “We strive to provide the most memorable experience possible for these survivors to reclaim their bodies. The initial branding was not obtained by choice, so we ensure the survivors work hand in hand with the artist to obtain a tattoo of their personal choosing. We provide transportation, meals, occasional personal necessities, as well as continued support through resources and our survivors’ network.”

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