We are Truckers Against Trafficking

We know that most people caught up in prostitution, no matter what their age, are being exploited. We know the vast majority are there against their will or through lack of other viable options. We know that many of them have experienced extreme sexual trauma, typically from an early age, and at some point in their journey have been trafficked, even if at this moment, they no longer are. Keep this in mind when you see a prostituted person. You are looking at someone broken who may have rarely, if ever, experienced kindness and compassion. You can be a change maker in their life. 
And for the clear cut examples of sex trafficking:
If ever you see a MINOR being sold for commercial sex...they are a victim. Period. That is our federal law. They are a victim of sex trafficking.
If ever you see someone being sold for commercial sex under the control of a third party, they are also a victim of sex trafficking.
Make the call, save lives!