Human Trafficking: Training and awareness

The overwhelming majority of the tens of thousands of bikers attending the 76th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally are coming for a law-abiding good time - but police are always on the lookout for the few trouble-makers.

Law enforcement Tuesday conducted a training seminar to help authorities spot human trafficking at major events such as the Sturgis Rally. Throughout the day, community leaders took part in training seminars to bring awareness to human trafficking and to learn tools to identify victims and provide help. More than 40 officers and community leaders attended sessions, leaving with the knowledge they need to be more proactive in the fight against human trafficking.

"Human trafficking comes at the expense of some very vulnerable victims, and as a society and law enforcement organization and community helpers we have a responsibility to know as much as we can about the topic and how we can be addressing it over the area,” said Captain Cory Brubakken, Pennington County Sheriff's Department.

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