Nevada Trucking Association Helping Victims of Sex Trafficking

The Illegal trade of humans has been reported across the United States, including here in the Silver State. Several years ago, members of the Nevada Trucking Industry realized they were in a unique position to help victims of sex trafficking. Why? Truck stops. There are thousands of them across the United States and they are where sex trafficking used to prosper.

CEO Paul Enos says, "We have changed that around to say 'no, this isn't somebody who is here on their own volition.' This isn't somebody who's participating in free will."

In America, there are tens of thousands of children and women who are forced to work as prostitutes, many of them as young as 13 years old.

The Nevada Trucking Association has taken a stand against it.

"We are in a position, as the eyes and ears of the road to say if it's happening someplace where we can see it, we need to be in a position to stop it."

Like measures that have been taken locally are at the Alamo TA-Petro Truck Stop in Sparks. They have increased security and added new lighting to deter illegal activity. They are also campaigning to raise awareness. Ed Kirkwood says, "Previous employees and new hires, we send them through a Truckers Against Trafficking training to make them aware of the signs and things to look for."

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