Missing 12-year-old girl found as sex trafficking victim

A missing 12-year-old San Antonio girl has been found alive, but the girl has lived through hell for the last month.
In a northeast-side neighborhood in Bexar County, a 12-year-old girl (whom we're not naming to protect her privacy) dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, said her grandfather.
“You know when the pigeons have their newborns, they push them out the nest so they can fly? We find a lot of them at the foot of the tree. She picks them up, puts them in a box with hay, and gives them water, food until they become strong and they could fly,” her grandfather recalled.
On June 20, she was outside her home listening to music when she disappeared. Although authorities were notified of her disappearance within an hour, no one knew her whereabouts until two weeks ago when she texted her family.
“She took a picture of herself,” the grandfather said. “She was beaten and texted my son saying, ‘I want to come home. They won't let me, but I want to come home.’”
Authorities tracked the girl down to a hotel near Nashville. She was with 36-year-old Tavarie Anthony Williams.
Williams has since been arrested, accused of pimping her out and holding her against her will.

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