Why Is It So Hard to Fight Child Sex Trafficking on Backpage.com?

Photo purchased from iStock at Getty Images

Photo purchased from iStock at Getty Images


Christian Dior "Gucci Prada" Womack was a Philadelphia pimp with the reputation of recruiting women by force. Womack, then 30, was assisted in his exploits by Rashidah "Camille" Brice. Brice would train young girls how to trick. She would deliver brutal, closed-fist assaults on any girls who did not comply.

In May 2012, Womack and Brice encountered a 16-year-old girl in an Atlantic City casino. The young girl had been ditched by a group of friends and was wandering alone. Womack and Brice took the girl to Trump Plaza; there, Brice punched and threatened the girl until she agreed to have sex with an adult man.

Brice videotaped the forced sexual encounter and extorted money from the man for having sex with an underage girl. Womack and Brice then posted a listing on Backpage com advertising the 16-year-old victim. They drove her to a Virginia Beach house and forced her, at gunpoint, to have sex with approximately 15 different men. She was threatened with a handgun throughout the ordeal.

Next, Womack and Brice took the victim to a motel; there, she was forced to prostitute for several consecutive days while being repeatedly threatened at gunpoint. At some point, the victim convinced a stranger to give her $50 for a taxi ride. Then she made her escape.

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