Londoners urged to help police uncover brothels and protect women as sexual exploitation rises

Photo purchased from iStock at Getty Images

Photo purchased from iStock at Getty Images

Londoners were today urged to look out for brothels on their street as a government watchdog called for the public to help rescue women held as slaves and forced to sell sex.
Kevin Hyland, the independent anti-slavery commissioner, said prostituted people in the capital were being beaten, raped and sometimes starved by the men controlling them in a form of human slavery that was blighting the capital.

He praised the Met for stepping up its efforts to combat the problem but told the Standard: “It’s up to the public to come forward.

"People who live in a street where there is a brothel operating will see obvious signs of numerous women arriving, young women often, they may arrive escorted, they may be there late at night, there will be people regularly coming to the door.

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