Sex trafficking: The Victims Next Door

(Photo: Dave Schwarz,

(Photo: Dave Schwarz,

"I am Casey and I am 48. If I had to estimate, I have been forced to have sex with more than 70,000 johns in my lifetime. I had been trafficked since I was 13. I am still in the life and don't know how to get out because I can't work."

The starting point was the quiet creation of a small task force more than three years ago.

The officers assigned to it had a clear goal: to settle a question that has been debated throughout Central Minnesota for years.

Is there prostitution here and, if so, how bad is the problem?

Since then, officers with the Central Minnesota Sex Trafficking Task Force have identified more than 200 prostitutes who have worked in St. Cloud.

That supply serves a thriving demand that officers discovered was being met in hotels, motels and apartments.

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