Police respond to 2 human-trafficking cases in 1 night at same hotel

In Room 239, a pimp kept a young woman “working” at Horizon Inn and Suites by threatening to hurt her family. In another room, another pimp beat another young woman when she refused to “make money” to pay for the room.

Both victims came into contact with Gwinnett County police by happenstance Sunday at the Dawson Boulevard motel outside Norcross. Both 911 calls were for the same reason: residents in the motel heard a woman being beaten.

The stories are detailed in police reports released Thursday to the Daily Post.

The accounts offer insight on women’s plight and how both ended the night in different positions. One got picked up by family and began dreaming about starting over. The other just got a fresh key card to her room and some hope her pimp wouldn’t be able to get back inside.

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