Truckers Against Trafficking in the Media

The following stories are links to TAT in the news media:

March 24, 2017: "Terms offensive to victims of human trafficking are harmful, advocate says"

March 21, 2017: "Legislation would require trafficking prevention training for CDL holders in Arkansas"

March 6, 2017: "Fighting the good fight: How the trucking industry is fighting against human trafficking"

February 27, 2017: "Auction of donated truck will raise funds to fight sex trafficking"

February 24, 2017: "AG Paxton teams up with truckers, El Paso law enforcement to combat human trafficking"

February 18, 2017: "Lawmakers address human trafficking"

February 17, 2017: "Estes launches human trafficking awareness campaign"

February 9, 2017: "Industry joins to create class 8 truck to support Truckers Against Trafficking"

February 7, 2017: "'Everyday Heroes' Kenworth T680 will be auctioned off to support Truckers Against Trafficking"

February 6, 2017: "How to watch for signs of human trafficking"

January 27, 2017: "Texas lawmakers unite on human trafficking"

January 26, 2017: "MDOT enforcement officers continue human trafficking training"

January 25, 2017: "Michigan State Police working to help fight human trafficking"

January 20, 2017: "Trucker group, multi-state police agencies partnering to fight human trafficking"

January 20, 2017: "ISP teaming up with officers from others states for Truckers Against Trafficking"

January 13, 2017: "UPS to train drivers to spot and report human trafficking"

January 13, 2017: "Combatting human trafficking in Mississippi

January 13, 2017: "Officials: Human trafficking on the rise in Kentucky since 2013"

January 12, 2017: "Mississippi Trucking Association commits to help end trafficking"

January 12, 2017: "Truckers Against Trafficking to partner with UPS on education plan"

January 12, 2017: "US Road Haulage Giant to Help Fight Human Slavery and Sex Trafficking"

January 11, 2017: "UPS drivers trained to spot human trafficking"

January 11, 2017: "Human trafficking on rise in Kentucky"

January 11, 2017: "UPS Freight Partners with Truckers Against Trafficking"

January 11, 2017: "Beshear: Human Trafficking One of the Nation's Fastest Growing Criminal Enterprises"

January 11, 2017" "UPS drivers to be trained on how to spot human trafficking"

December 11, 2016: "Truckers Against Trafficking helps Utah truckers spot victims on the road"

December 2, 2016: "Grassroots success: Truckers Against Trafficking making unique impact"

October 10, 2016: "Program teaches Springfield truckers how to save victims of sex trafficking"

October 10, 2016: "DU Alumnae Fighting to End Human Trafficking"

October 2, 2016: "Attorney general and private organizations work to combat modern slave training"

September 20, 2016: "Beshear, Truckers Against Trafficking Coalition Release Partnership Mission to Stop Human Trafficking"

September 1, 2016: "Texas working with truckers in fight against human trafficking"

July 29, 2016: "Exhibit on human trafficking aims to education fairgoers

July 13, 2016: "Truckers take the wheel in effort to halt sex trafficking" (NPR)

June 30, 2016: "Ohio truck drivers join the effort to prevent human trafficking"

June 4, 2016: "Missouri continues work with Truckers Against Trafficking"

May 16, 2016: "Boyd Bros. Transportation steps us to help end human trafficking"

May 5, 2016: "Boyd Bros. hosts Freedom Drivers Project Trailer"

April 12, 2016: "Truckers Against Trafficking Educates Trucking Industry on How to Recognize and Help Victims"

April 8, 2016: "Kansas Partners with National Organization to Combat Sex Trafficking"

April 7, 2016: "Kansas attorney general, two trucking associations partner to combat sex trafficking"

April 7, 2016: "AG Schmidt announces new partnership to combat sex trafficking"

April 7, 2016: "Kansas truck drivers join the fight against human trafficking"

April 1, 2016: "Truckers Against Trafficking seeks to build on success"

March 31, 2016: "Bridgestone works with Truckers Against Trafficking"

March 27, 2016: "Texas truckers fight Human Trafficking"

March 24, 2016: "Texas Truckers join the fight against Human Trafficking"

February 24, 2016: "Troopers Seek Truckers Help on Human Trafficking"

January 12, 2016: "On Human Trafficking Awareness Day, Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announces Collaboration with Truckers Against Trafficking and Law Enforcement Partners"

December 30, 2015: "Rotary World Peace Conference brings Freedom Drivers Project and Truckers Against Trafficking of Human Trafficking Awareness Awareness Day"

December 21, 2015: "How truckers are breaking the chains of sex slavery"

November 18, 2015: "Truckers join drive on U.S. highways to tackle sex trafficking"

October 28, 2015: "Truckers banding together to fight human trafficking"

October 26, 2015: "Freedom Drivers Project Raises Awareness about Human Trafficking"

October 24, 2015: "Truckers Take a Stand Against Human Trafficking"

October 23, 2015: "Human Trafficking Exhibit Stops in Bismarck"

October 14, 2015: "Human Trafficking mobile exhibit at Mississippi State Fair"

October 2, 2015: "Ohio becomes first state to implement mandatory TAT training for CDLs"

September 5, 2015: "TAT exhibit attracts interest"

August 31, 2015: "Trucking hopes to stop sex trafficking with 'Freedom' exhibit at travel plazas"

June 24, 2015: "Truckers join fight against human trafficking

May 26, 2015: "Utah Trucking Association Partners with Truckers Against Trafficking"

May 22, 2015: "Get Involved: New training course, video from Truckers Against Trafficking" (Overdrive)

May 21, 2015: "Truckers Against Trafficking offers free online training" (Land Line)

April 24, 2015: "Freedom Drivers Project impacts human trafficking crisis" (

April 23, 2015: "Truckers Against Trafficking receives congressional award" (Transport Topics)

April 9, 2015: "Con-way Truckload joins the fight against human trafficking"

April 3, 2015: "Brad's Beat: Highway Angel

March 10, 2015: "Truckers Against Trafficking: How drivers can take action" (

March 5, 2015: "Human trafficking victim on a mission to save others"

March 4, 2015: "BBC Outlook: Truck Drivers Against Sex Trafficking," an interview of TAT's Executive Director Kendis Paris by Outlook host Jo Fidgen (Note: the interview begins ~1:30 into the podcast)

February 11, 2015: "Walmart joins in support for Truckers Against Trafficking" (Land Line)

February 9, 2015: "Michigan State Police join forced with Truckers Against Trafficking" (Land Line)

February 5, 2015: "Michigan State Police partnering with truckers to fight human trafficking"

January 23, 2015: Virginia Trucking Association Partners with Truckers Against Trafficking

January 13, 2015: "Iowa Department of Transportation enlists truck drivers against human trafficking"

January 12, 2015: "Sex Trafficking: Practice growing problem in state"

November 21, 2014: "Truckers Against Trafficking group drives home message"

September 17, 2014: "Truckers Against Trafficking 'mobile museum' at UT September 18-19"

August 27, 2014: 

August 22, 2014: "Traveling Trailer Exhibit Highlights Sex Trafficking" (Overdrive)

August 22, 2014: "TAT Debuts New Freedom Drivers Project Educational Trailer at GATS" (The Trucker)

August 12, 2014: "TAT to Debut Freedom Drivers Project at GATS" (Land Line)

August 7, 2014: Florida Trucking Association Partners with TAT

July 9, 2014: "Truckers Against Trafficking Law Enforcement Briefing Held by Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen's Crime Victims Council"

June 24, 2014: "Truckers Against Trafficking: FBI has another ally in fight against child sex trafficking" 

June 16, 2014: "Truck Drivers Take to the Road to End Human Trafficking"

June 12, 2014: "National Minority Trucking Association to Host Nationwide Seminar Series for Minority Trucking Members"

May 22, 2014: "TAT, WIT to start program to combat human trafficking"

March 3, 2014: "Driver Makes Truckers Against Trafficking Message His Own"

January 29, 2014- "I-Team: Sex Trafficking Concerns Surround Super Bowl Sunday" (a story by NBC News New York featuring an interview with Trucker Against Trafficking Bill Brady)

January 24, 2014- "Montana Bull Haulers Goes Mountain Climbing for Truckers Against Trafficking"

December 10, 2013- "Love's Travel Stops Partners with Truckers Against Trafficking"

November 19, 2013- "Trucker Plans Climb of a Lifetime to Raise Money for Truckers Against Trafficking"

July 30, 2013- "Colorado Truck Drivers Keeping Eyes Out for Human Trafficking"

July 16, 2013- "South Dakota Adopts the Truckers Against Trafficking Program"

January 9, 2013: "What Can You do to Fight Human Sex Trafficking?"

January 8, 2013: "TravelCenters of America Continues Support of Truckers Against Trafficking Through Education Efforts on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day"

October 26, 2012- "Calling All Truckers: ATA Joins Fight Against Sex Trafficking"

October 19, 2012: "Eyes, Ears of the Road: Truckers Train to Tackle Human Trafficking"

June 23, 2012- "Truckers Hit the Road to Combat Sex Trade" (CBN report about TAT)

June 12, 2012- "Human-Trafficking Hotline Calls Show 'Groundswell of Interest' " (TAT mentioned in Washington Times)

May 15, 2012- "Truckers Band Together to Fight Human Trafficking" (video, TAT efforts featured on Fox National News)

April 11, 2012- "Minnesota Truckers Join Effort to Stop Human Trafficking"

February 27, 2012- "Truckers Against Trafficking Receives Congressional Recognition Award" (LandLine magazine)

February 23, 2012- "Truckers Asked to Help Stop Sex Trafficking"

February 23, 2012- "Truckers Against Trafficking Campaign Launched"

February 22, 2012- "Truckers Asked to Help Stop Sex Trafficking"

February 22, 2012- "ORU Students Address Human Trafficking in Branding & Promotions Class"

January 31, 2012- "Truckers Mobilize Against Child Trafficking" (video featuring TAT Executive Director Kendis Paris and article, 7NEWS Denver)

January 31, 2012: "Truckers Unite Against Human Trafficking" (video featuring interview is TAT Executive Director Kendis Paris and article, 9NEWS Denver)

November 7, 2011- "Truckers: Help Fight Sex-Slavery"

September 2011- "ATA Joins with National Organization to Combat Human Trafficking"

April 2011- "An In-Depth Look at the Growth of Human Trafficking and What Truckers Can Do to Thwart It" (RPM for Truckers, pg 25)

March 2011- "FBI Issues Plea to Truckers"

March 28, 2011- "Anti-trafficking Group to Visit Truck Show" (Overdrive magazine)

March 24, 2011- "Truckers Aim to Stop Sex Trafficking in Oklahoma" (video & article)

January 13, 2011- "Human Trafficking 101 Training Available on Demand"

October 26, 2010- "Truckers Take on Human Trafficking"

October 1, 2010- "Truckers Against Trafficking"

April 18, 2010: "Truckers Against Sex Trafficking: 'You Can Be Hereos' " (Forth magazine)

April 4, 2010- "Around the Bend: Truckers Once Again Prove They're Heroes by Taking Up Human Trafficking Cause"

February 2010- "Human Trafficking- Truckers Call to Action" (podcast, featuring Kylla Leeburg on Truth About Trucking radio show)

January 29, 2010- "Truckers Fighting Against Human Trafficking"

May 2009 - "Truckers Against Trafficking" (Women in Trucking newsletter; page 4)

March 27, 2009- "Truckers Asked to Combat Human Trafficking"