Prostitution: Under the Grip of a Sociopath

Wendy and her daughter Latasha live in Southern California. Wendy works full time as a customer service representative. In her spare time she speaks publicly about her life while being trafficked and her journey out of trafficking and into ‘the real world’. Wendy’s hope is that by her sharing her story, it will help others to understand and will give hope to survivors of trafficking. In her book “And Life Continues”, she tells about her years in prostitution. …

F: In a text published on your blog, you describe what leads a young woman to prostitution. But your pimp, Greg, your high school sweetheart that you married at a very young age, was still in high school when he became a pimp. What leads a young man to become a pimp at such a young age?

WB: First let me clarify my relationship with Greg. We were never actually married, although everybody assumed we were married because we lived together and had children together. Greg became a pimp in 1985, when it was the cool thing to do. Rap culture and Hollywood glamorized pimping and hoeing. In addition to that, his father would encourage him to have multiple girlfriends. Greg came from a very dysfunctional family. Although his father was not himself a pimp, he was an abuser, and Greg’s mother and grand-mother were actually proud of him for being a pimp because he was making so much money. So, for him to be a pimp, at that time, in this family and environment—he got a lot of admiration and positive reinforcement for it.