The sex trafficking survivor who turned her nightmare into a feature film “This could happen to anybody"

Actress Frida Farrell is sitting in a smart, Italian cafe on Shaftesbury Avenue in the heart of London’s Theatreland. As she puts down her teacup, she looks through the window to the bustling street outside. She describes how, just a few minutes walk away from where we’re sitting, she was tricked into attending a fake photoshoot, kidnapped, drugged and sexually trafficked – sold to men in an apartment on London’s upmarket Harley Street.

Over a decade later, Frida has returned to London from California for the European premiere of Selling Isobel, a feature film she co-wrote, based on her own experiences. With a few exceptions, such as the setting being moved from London to the US, the film is unflinchingly faithful to what Frida went through. She explains the harrowing film is her attempt to reach people, in the hope that her story will stop other women getting into the same situation.

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