Woman sold into sex trafficking for more than a decade, begs Michiganders not to look away


MUSKEGON, MICH. - Mindy Osantowski is her name, but it's not what anyone familiar with her calls her. "Does she have a nickname?" asked Muskegon Heights Police Chief Joseph Thomas. Then it dawned on him. Yes, he knew Mindy Osantowksi, only he knew her as 'Mama Bear.' Thomas is not the only one, it's the name that the hundreds of kids she's mentored call her too. "When these kids get in trouble or need help they say 'Call Mama Bear,'" said Becky McDonald, founder and president of the international nonprofit Women at Risk. McDonald first met Osantwoski at a panel discussion. Mindy slid into the seat next to McDonald. "The other people on the panel were like FBI agents, and all these people in suits. And I just remember Mindy saying to me 'I don't think I belong here,'" said McDonald.

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