Crowdrise for TAT!

Dani Allen gathered some friends and held a fundraiser for TAT and raised $510! We asked Dani why she chose to do this, and we had her explain in her own words.

"I woke this morning to a day filled with possibilities and choices. Should I have a latte or just a regular coffee? My black capris or jeans? Do I stop at the library after work or just head home?
I am very fortunate to have these choices and the freedom to decide how to spend my money and my time. I chose to fundraise for Truckers Against Trafficking because I want to help those who do not enjoy these same freedoms. As a graduate student, I was shocked to learn that most of my peers had no idea people in our country are being trafficked. Those who believe slavery has been abolished here in the U.S. are gravely misinformed. Slavery still exists, and those of us who are free have a duty and responsibility to take action. 
I chose to do a virtual fitness based fundraiser because my social network stretches from coast to coast. As my fundraising team improved our own personal fitness, we held space for those who are not free to run, bike, hike, or dance. My team members all chose to became TAT trained. They educated themselves and others, raising awareness while they raised funds for TAT. Once an individual receives TAT training, they can no longer look the other way, or wait for someone else to take action. TAT provides the necessary tools to recognize the signs of potential trafficking and to act when trafficking is suspected. My team is forever changed after hearing the narratives of victims and forever inspired by the stories of the brave men and women who cared enough to make the calls. I believe in TAT's mission, and I believe we can and we will eliminate trafficking."

Thanks, Dani and friends! You all are amazing!!!