Combating Human Trafficking in the Hotel Industry

Photo purchased from iStock at Getty Images

Photo purchased from iStock at Getty Images

A teenage girl uses cash to rent a room with an older man. A housekeeper, who appears to be living on site, nervously averts eye contact when a guest approaches. A string of men enter and leave a particular room throughout the night, each staying for only 30 minutes at a time.

These are just a few signs that human trafficking could be happening in your hotel.

The hotel industry is one of many venues human traffickers use to exploit their victims. In fact, domestic sex trafficking is one of the largest forms of human trafficking in the U.S., with the commercial sex acts commonly happening in hotels. The ability to pay for rooms in cash or to change rooms or hotel locations on a nightly basis can make it easy for pimps and traffickers to avoid detection — and sex buyers also prefer the anonymity that purchasing sex in hotel rooms can provide.

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