St. Louis startup empowering refugees, victims of sex trafficking

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Ning Lam Lun's family fled the war torn country of Burma because of the military.
“They pull the people; any people, not just my family, sometimes all the village. Too scary. Too scary and sometime when they came (to) the village, they hit people,” she said.

Lun's family was granted asylum in the United States; they came to St. Louis knowing no one.

Lun found solace at a sewing machine courtesy of Made for Freedom in south city and Forai, a non-profit that supports refugee and immigrant women in small business.

Dawn Manske, Lun’s boss, is a local businesswoman who buys Lun's items as well as others from women's rescue centers around the world and resells them.

"This necklace is made by girls rescued in a red light district in Kun Meng China,” she said, holding a piece of jewelry.

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