13 Investigates: Children forced into prostitution

Girls as young as 9-years old are sold for sex in Indianapolis. They're promoted in explicit online ads. With a click and a text, they arrive at motels across the city.

They are delivered by their pimps – because many of the girls are too young to drive themselves.

Human trafficking is not just some far off, international problem. It's happening here. It's happening in Central Indiana.

13 Investigates was granted rare and exclusive access to an undercover human trafficking sting. The FBI Crimes Against Children Unit and IMPD vice unit allowed our cameras inside a motel room with undercover officers - and outside, in the parking lot, with officers waiting to arrest pimps. The agents and officers hope that showing what is happening to these girls will highlight the crisis they are in. Telling their stories reveals the dark underworld of child human trafficking where wads of cash, illegal guns and drugs are common.

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