Twin Eagle Transport has fun and fellowship training their drivers and becoming a TAT gold level sponsor

It’s often said that if you set no goal, you’ll never get there. But if you set a goal, you’ll often find that you surpass it.

That’s what Twin Eagle Transport did, and TAT couldn’t be more grateful. Twin Eagle chose TAT as its first quarter 2016 community partner, and set a goal of getting its more than 400-plus drivers TAT trained and becoming a TAT gold level sponsor by raising $10,000. But, in fact, not only did Twin Eagle train its drivers, they raised $22,631 for TAT, making them a gold sponsor … and almost a platinum level sponsor.

And how did they do it? Twin Eagle raised the money through raffles, breakfasts, bake sales, a pinewood derby competition and a donation from the company for every one of their drivers who watched the TAT training DVD and passed the TAT-trained certification test. In addition, Twin Eagle donated hauls of the FDP, including the ones to their events.

On hand in March to receive the check and take part in celebration festivities at two Twin Eagle locations in Texas were the Freedom Drivers Project (FDP), with Helen Van Dam, FDP director, and Esther Goetsch, TAT coalition build specialist.

At Twin Eagle-Kingsbury, Twin Eagle also invited local Kenworth and Peterbilt reps to tour the FDP, learn more of Twin Eagle’s involvement with TAT and eat barbeque prepared by Twin Eagle drivers.

"They were so welcoming and dedicated to our work,” said Van Dam. “It’s because of many of these drivers that Twin Eagle even heard about Truckers Against Trafficking, so they could adopt us as their first quarter charity.” The following day, the FDP visited Twin Eagle’s corporate office in Houston.

“We’re so grateful to everyone at Twin Eagle for their support and hard work that made this check possible,” Van Dam continued.”They not only trained their drivers to be able to make the call to save a life, but gave TAT the capacity to reach more members of the trucking industry and law enforcement with our mission. We hope to see more companies come on board like they have.”

Van Dam gave special recognition to Warren Ashworth, Twin Eagle technology analyst, who was the main organizer for Twin Eagle’s events with TAT.