One Woman's Mission To End Human Trafficking

It's an issue many don't want to talk about, but human trafficking is happening around the world.

Each survivor handles their time as a victim differently, but one woman who is speaking in Watertown this week doesn't want to stay silent anymore.

Barbara Amaya was a human trafficking victim on the East Coast for more than a decade, starting at age 12. Now, she travels the country to raise awareness on this serious issue.

Barbara Amaya is reading from a book. It's something almost everybody did while growing up, but not Amaya.

"The person who trafficked me would always, I wasn't allowed to read or write, anything, and if he caught me reading or writing with a pencil and piece of paper he would beat me severely," Amaya said.

The book is a memoir on her life called Nobody's Girl. In it, she details her life being trafficked. She was abused, addicted to heroin, and arrested.

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