Texas truckers fight human trafficking

Law enforcement will be getting extra eyes and ears on the road to fight human trafficking.

The Texas Attorney General's office is teaming up with the Texas Truck Driving Association to train drivers on what to look for and how to report it.

"Who better to effectively equip and empower to effectively report it (human trafficking)," said Esther Goetsch, coalition build specialist for Truckers Against Trafficking. "And what better state to saturate it then Texas, who consistently receives more calls and tips from truck drivers and others into the National Human Trafficking Hotline."

The Lone Star state is second in the nation for calls to the Human Trafficking Hotline. Houston has the second most victims in the country.

Truck driver Tom Swinney said he has seen girls and boy being trafficked over the years throughout the state.

"You see a lot around, like this truck stop you don't see it," Swinney said. "A couple of others, you'll see it. then you will see the girls out knocking on the doors and there will be some guy in a car over there just waiting."

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