Hotel staff help police in human trafficking case

NRP phot

NRP phot

NIAGARA FALLS – Police say a young woman held captive and forced to work in the sex trade has alert hotel staff to thank for alerting the authorities, a move which eventually led to captor's arrest.

Niagara Regional Police intelligence unit Staff Sgt. Shawn Clarkson said staff at an unidentified motel called the police about a domestic issue in February of this year.

Officers arrived, took statements from a man and woman. Clarkson said that while there were suspicions at the time the woman was working in the sex trade officers did not have enough evidence to lay any charges.

Clarkson said that about three weeks later, the woman in question reached out to police – again, with the help of the motel staff – and filed a complaint.

This led to a lengthy investigation during which it was discovered the man was allegedly using violence to assert control over the woman. Police also found that the woman's personal documents were taken, further limiting her mobility.

"He was exercising control over her movement and her involvement in the sex trade," Clarkson said.

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