Local kids donate to combat human trafficking

Photo by Patrick Leary

Photo by Patrick Leary

RACINE — Many people have had lemonade stands to make a few bucks, as kids. Far fewer have followed the example of the Stalman family and donated the proceeds to fight human trafficking in their community.

“I just thought since Mommy and Daddy were working on it, and they were working really hard, that they needed help,” said Cece Stalman, 9. “I just thought that maybe we could help them.”

The Stalman children, Cece, Patrick, 13 and Xander, 6, along with their parents Jesse and Beth, presented $154 they raised through a lemonade stand to the Racine Coalition Against Human Trafficking at the Racine Police Department Wednesday afternoon. Racine Police Chief Art Howell and coalition Executive Director Karrie Hemmig gave the Stalmans plaques and department souvenirs in exchange.

“The biggest issue with human trafficking is not many people are exactly aware of what that is,” Howell said. “When you have young people like the family that came in today, it just opens doors.”

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