Tulsa Officers Bust Man At Motel For Suspected Sex Trafficking

TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa’s vice squad arrested a man they say was looking for some underage girls to be prostituted by him.
Police said the man came to the Tulsa motel from Oklahoma City and thought he was going to meet a 15 and a 16 year old girl that he wanted to pimp out.

Instead, there were about a half-dozen law enforcement officers hiding in the bathroom to make the arrest.

Police said William Johnson answered an ad they placed on a website known for prostitution. They said he didn't seem a bit concerned when the undercover officer claimed to be underage.

"Several times, he told us to be careful because of our age, not to get caught by police. We asked him if we turned 16, he'd help us get a GED for high school and he said he would do that. He said if we had enough money, he'd buy us a car when we turned 16," one officer said.

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