TAT in Action!

TAT in action!!!
Co-drivers Justin and Robert were stopped just South of Pueblo, CO last night. Here is the account of what happened!

"At about 2:30 am my co-driver woke me up and said he needed to use my phone to call 911 because his phone was dead. It took me a second to realize what he was asking. I had no idea why he was calling 911. So I jumped up and got dressed and prepared myself for anything. It turns out a young, 14-15 year old girl had come up to our truck and knocked on the window waking him up. 
She asked him if we could fix her bike chain because she was on her way to Texas, and it was a two day ride. My driver said sorry but there wasn't much he could do, thinking it was a setup or something. He rolled up the window and got back in his bed when it hit him. 
WHY is a 15 year-old girl out in the middle of nowhere at 2:30 in the morning going up to a semi truck? He woke me up and now we were both fully awake and thinking clearly. We tried to find her and help her. The worst thoughts were going through our heads. We couldn't find her. The police showed up, and he described the girl to them and they went looking too. As the search continued the police were blowing up my phone wanting to talk to my codriver. This went on for about a hour until we got a call saying they found the girl. It turns out she was running away from her mom's, heading to Texas (to presumably meet up with someone) and that her mom hadn't even noticed she was gone yet. 
We are so glad we saved her from all the terrible stuff that could have happened to her out there alone."

So are we, Justin and Robert! Thank you so much for your quick action and getting help for this young lady! You make us proud!!!!