Interesting findings and alternative interpretations from “Mapping the Demand: Sex Buyers in Minnesota”

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Minnesota has been a revered leader in addressing sex trafficking and forced prostitution for many years. The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota has been a galvanizing force in the state’s leadership on victim services, legislative advocacy, research, and more. The latest study funded by the foundation, Mapping the Demand: Sex Buyers in Minnesota, is a critically important tool in the state’s response to sex trafficking. That’s because the research focuses exclusively on the source of the problem: the sex buyers whose “demand” fuels the illicit industry.

The study combines information from several data sources to paint as complete a picture of sex buyers as possible, including stakeholder interviews, news reports, arrest data, and more. The authors describe the study’s ambitious objective as follows:

The goal is to help close a significant gap in research, practice and policy related to sex buyers. Here we present findings about who sex buyers are, where they live and purchase sex in Minnesota, how they enter the marketplace, and what they seek in the marketplace.

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