Bramber Bakehouse: A Second Chance for Exploited Women

In an age of rising social and moral anxiety, where cases of exploitation are more prevalent in the public eye and demands for justice are increasing, there has never been a more pressing time for charitable organisations to provide services for those caught in exploitative situations. Despite the urgent need, there remains a large void in support services, a void originally noticed by our Bramber team some years ago. As a result, Bramber Bakehouse was born to play our part. To give exploited women second chances, to bridge the current gap and provide training and support that would continually encourage them towards a positive future.

Bramber Bakehouse currently provides 6-month workshops, with a view to create internships in the future. The workshop programmes, which are made up of 50% baking time and 50% wider training, are constructed to give women the best chance of recuperation and include one-to-one mentoring, support with life skills including budgeting and career advice and offer opportunities to make new friends and have fun.

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